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FSD Sport 2454

FSD Sport 2454

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Festival Fancy Dress Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Boys & Girls Age 7-14.


Do children need optical protection? The answer is yes.

Because like adults, ultraviolet rays can also cause damage to children's eyes. Children's eyes are more immature, in the stage of growth and development, and the resistance is poor, and the damage will be greater. And children have more outdoor activities, so it is more necessary to prevent UV rays from invading the eyes.

Why do we choose polarized glasses for children?

Light is partially polarized when reflected by the surface of the object to produce glare. The opposite effect of glare - enhance brightness, reduce color saturation; make the outline of the object blurred, making the glasses fatigue and discomfort. Polarized lenses enable the eye to be better conditioned under strong light, gain a clear view and protect kid's eyes. FEISEDY Kids sunglasses will protect the children’s eyes with young parents and protect the children’s colorful childhood.


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